Machine Hallucinations - Coral - Artificial Reef

Machine Hallucinations - Coral - Artificial Reef

This AI Data Painting simulates a 3-dimensional latent walk among the archive of 1,742,772 coral images, combining Anadol’s vision of handling data within a universe that it creates for itself with his approach to data visualization’s latent space as a locus for never-ending, self-generating contemplation. It demonstrates that when harmonious collaboration exists between machine, man and nature, the result can be poetic and beautiful, and, hopefully, inspire change. Art work generated inside the artist’s iconic trompe l’oeil frame to create an illusory perception of depth.

Resolution : 6.000 ×  6.000 pixels

Edition of 500, 1AP

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  • Edition of 500
  • Original listing: $500.00
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