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The Wither

Andrés Reisinger
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  • 10/22/2021
  • 8:00 AM EDT

A flower is born, blooms and fades. We create to make ourselves infinite. Our objects are like bees that cross-pollinate the gardens of the galaxy. You will witness the withering of the physical piece and you will appreciate the responsibility of the beauty of the finite. As long as this digital piece will never stop flourishing, wherever we decide to live.

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The Wither
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Andrés Reisinger

Andrés Reisinger (b.1990) is one of the most sought-after digital artists of the 21C. Originally from Argentina, he now creates carefully curated projects in his studio in Barcelona. His instantly-recognisable dream-like imagery have drawn interest from a plethora of multi-million-dollar collectors, brands and international art galleries alike. He is named as one of “Forbes 30 Under 30” artists creating and designing the future of the arts and is the winner of the “Young Guns” Art Directors Club New York City. His market has grown from strength to strength, with recent works fetching up to half a million dollars auction (The Shipping, $450,000, Nifty Gateway, 22 February 2021).